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Sam DeRose Jr

Artist - Songwriter - Producer - Engineer - Bass Player - Musician  

Sam DeRose Jr has charted on commercial radio in Rock, Pop and R&B. Sam is currently a songwriter and producer affiliated within many major industry artist development record labels. 

As an artist Sam is one of the industry's leading songwriters with a vocal range and style that is soulful and modern. Sam has redefined himself within his own brand. Cataloging a library of songs stylized in a nuevo pop sound with hard rock underpinnings, Sam is reinforcing the construction of a new style and genre. 

Described as a virtuoso on electric bass, Sam mentored privately studying advanced composition and theory, classical solo violin as applied to electric bass, principles of chamber music and orchestral designs for film and television.

Sam uses custom made electric basses. The Dragonetti Soloist comes as a hollow body and is hand carved to order. The bass comes in fretted and fretless, neck through designs feature a 30.5 inch three octave neck with 36 frets, locking tuners, active pickups, tremolo bass bridge, traditional scroll headstock, exotic woods and a finish that is comparable to violin varnishes of past history. 



1. "New Life"    2. "Beautiful"    3. "Time"
From the EP entitled
"The Abbey Road Sessions"

1 2 3

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In Concert

Sam DeRose Jr always features the very best talent the industry has to offer in all of his bands both in United States, Europe and beyond. Look to see Sam perform both live on stage and also very special "Live Feeds" enjoyed through your social networks and straight out of your phone!






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